“Service is Our Driver!”

Fuel Products

Fuel & Petroleum Products in Export, PA

Export Fuel Co. is proud to be a business customers can trust for high-quality products and services. With every job, our professional staff is honest, efficient and safe. We serve residential, commercial and industrial customers throughout Western Pennsylvania and parts of Ohio and West Virginia. For residential deliveries, group discounts are available. We can organize several houses in your neighborhood and offer a combined gallon discount.


Heating Oil & Kerosene

Today’s Oilheat is the safest, most efficient means to heat a home or business.

Efficient: New Oilheat systems boast high efficiency ratings, providing more warmth with less fuel than ever before. The efficiency is a result of the high BTU content found in a gallon of oil, versus an equal measure of natural gas, propane or electricity.

Safe: Fuel oil is not explosive. A match dropped into a pool of heating oil will simply go out. The same cannot be said of propane or natural gas. In order to light heating oil on fire, you must heat above 140 degrees, the temperature at which it begins to vaporize.

Export Fuel Co. has a modern fleet of delivery trucks to help us provide quality service to every customer.

Commercial & Industrial

Our staff of experienced drivers is committed to providing safe and professional service. We deliver products and quantities based on your needs. Our SERVICE is our DRIVER.

Export Fuel Co. offers:


  On & off-road diesel fuel

  Additized premium diesel fuel


We deliver both large and small quantities. Whether it be in manufacturing, trucking, construction, farming, government agencies or local municipalities, we are committed to serving all of your needs. Our company also offers Pacific Pride fleet fueling for convenient fueling throughout our area and the country.

Commercial Hauling

We also provide common carrier services. Our services include loading, transporting, and delivering petroleum products in a professional manner to your customers destinations on time and at competitive rates. Our state of the art fleet can accommodate deliveries of bulk quantities from 200 gallons to 8,500 gallons directly to your customer’s location. Our trucks are equipped to deliver to either below ground or above ground tanks.

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Contact us today at (724) 468-4185 or fill out the simple form below for fuel product prices or to place an order!