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Commercial Fueling

Fleet Fueling & Compressed Natural Gas in Westmoreland Co., PA

Take control of your fleet fueling today! As part of Pacific Pride, the nation’s largest cardlock fueling network, Export Fuel Co. can help you manage fuel expenses more easily with a cardlock fueling account. This enables you to limit your exposure to unauthorized fueling, receipt tracking and too many petty cash disbursements. Cards have the ability to restrict the quantity and types of products that drivers can purchase – allowing only the purchase of gasoline, diesel fuel and service items, such as diesel exhaust fluid. They eliminate cash and credit card transactions and the risks of unnecessary purchases.

Export Fuel Co Inc is a franchisee of the Pacific Pride cardlock fueling network

Customize your fuel requirements:

  Local and national coverage in one card

  24/7 access

  Accepted at Pacific Pride Sites, or anywhere Fuelman or Wright Express are accepted including major truck stop chains.

Monthly statements list purchase details for each driver, including:

  Driver identification

  Time and location of purchase

  Type of fuel purchased

  Vehicle number

You’ll be able to monitor and track fueling expenses with ease from your statement. To find one of the over 57,000 convenient fueling locations, go to www.pacificpride.com and click on the Site Locator.

Export Fuel Helping To Achieve Energy Independence With CNG

Export Fuel is proud to own and operate the first CNG (compressed natural gas) station in Westmoreland County, providing our customers a clean alternative to fueling. Since 1956 we have provided the local area with an array of fueling options to best meet their needs and have chosen to stand true to our mission by diversifying for the future with CNG. We have partnered with Gain.

U.S. Gain, a division of U.S. Venture. GAIN® Clean Fuel offers customers an environmentally friendly substitute to traditional fuels that delivers cost savings of over 33 percent when compared to diesel. U.S. Venture has over 60 years of energy distribution experience and is renowned for industry innovation. Our strategic foresight allows us to see opportunities and pursue them before others. Our financial strength provides a competitive advantage to our customers. Find out how GAIN® can give you a clean fuel advantage.

Why CNG?

  Natural gas offers a clean, cost effective alternative to petroleum

  Clean, domestically produced

  Lower emissions than any other fuel

  Significantly less pollutants

Export Fuel Co. in a family-business in Export, PA and serves customers in Western PA and parts of Ohio and West Virginia. We offer quality fuel products, lubricants and delivery services to residential, commercial and industrial customers. You can depend on our team to always put your needs first.

For pricing or to place an order, contact us today at (724) 468-4185 or fill out the form below.